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Host a Birthday Party for BDSC dogs!!



Anyone may attend!!



People sometimes want to give back to our rescue in creative ways. One way this has been done in the past is to have a birthday party (for yourself, for a friend, for a pet or for a child). The host asks all guests to bring one dog toy or dog treat to their personal party as a donation to BDSC.


When and Where?

At our adoption event! After your party has happened and you have gathered all of the donated toys and treats for our rescue dogs, you would coordinate with our donations coordinator to arrange for a time to bring the items to one of our adoption events. We would have a huge party and you (and your child or your dog) would present the gifts to our rescue and our rescue dogs on your behalf.


*Your child or dog will receive a special goodie bag at our Adoption Event Birthday Party as a thank you from our volunteers and dogs.

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