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Animal Surrender Form

We are only taking in previously adopted BDSC dogs at this time. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Animal Surrenders:

Giving up your pet is not an easy thing to go through, and we are here to help you. Please note that we do not operate a shelter and we only have foster homes for our dogs and cats. Therefore any animals that we are able to take in as owner surrenders is on a limited basis. We do ask that you offer to "foster" your own animal until any/all vetting is complete and a suitable home and/or foster home is available. We ask that you sign an animal surrender form for our organization, and we ask, though not necessary, that you make a surrender donation on your animal's behalf to help defray any costs associated with vetting your dog or cat prior to adopting them out. Please note that any misleading and/or false information that you provide to us is immediate disqualification from accepting your pet into our rescue.

 Animal Surrender Form

Aggressive Dogs:

Unfortunately, we cannot accept aggressive dogs, dogs with severe fear aggression, or dogs with a bite history into our rescue as an owner surrender. While we agree that such dogs have potential, we are a small rescue and lack the resources to work to rehabilitate such dogs. Although we have a "no kill" policy, these do not apply to aggressive dogs because our rescue can't afford to maintain non-adoptable dogs indefinitely. And keeping a dog indefinitely in a cage is no quality of life. We have empathy for your situation and we are very sorry that we cannot help you at this time.

Your dog may be too aggressive if he:

* Has ever bitten a person (a dog that has bitten is likely to bite again)

* Bites without warning

* Has not bitten but only because he has been pulled away in time from his intended victim

* Is unpredictable (you can live with a dog that you know will growl if you go near his food, but you can't live with an unpredictable dog)

* Is a large dog and has a history of aggression (large dogs generally do more damage)

* Is an intact male (intact males are the most aggressive)


 If you would like information on surrendering an animal, please email

 Thank you for understanding!


BDSC Rescue

If you have been in contact with one of our representatives, they have probably directed you to this page and have asked you to complete our animal surrender form, which is found on the link below. Please click on the words that say "owner surrender form", and complete the online form. Print it when you are finished, and bring a copy with you to your surrender appointment. We will ask that you sign it before handing over your dog. Gather up all of your dog or cat's vetting information and have it ready in time for your pet's evaluation. Please note that an evaluation of your pet doesn't necessarily mean acceptance into our rescue, and any missing vetting information and/or dishonesty about vetting that was done with your pet may also disqualify your pet from acceptance into our rescue. We try our best to take all owner surrenders but we get emails on a daily basis asking for help so we have to, although we don't like to, turn people away. =(

If you haven't done so already, please email a current photograph of the dog you are surrendering.

Animal Surrender Form





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