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~Black Dogs are the last to be adopted and the first to be euthanized in shelters~

adult labarchielorrenpuplabshadow

(The photos above are ALL different dogs that have come into our rescue at different times, although they all could pass for the same dog in a shelter setting)

What is the Black Dog Syndrome?


Black Dog Syndrome is when people pass by the black dogs in the shelters, and adopt the lighter colored ones, even though the black dogs may be better behaved.



  • People often think of them as "plain"


  • There are more black dogs than any other color, and often wind up in the shelters

 cali abs

  • Black dogs don't photograph as well, their features don't stand out in the photos, making them less adoptable via the petfinder and websites


  • People think they "look scary" even though they are often better behaved then lighter colored dogs

 munch jessy

  • They have a negative stigma attached to them from folklore and fairytales

bear divs


MSNBC recently featured an article about this.


Help reduce the sterotype, adopt a black dog today!!



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