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Can't foster but want to support those that do?

Any donations that are made to BDSC can be tax-exempt. BDSC is a 501(c)3 public charity. Please ask us for a receipt for your taxes if you wish to file your donation as part of your taxes, and we will be happy to provide you with one.

(click here to learn how to help us raise money)

All donations are tax deductable and may be done through the button on this page, or may be mailed. All donations will be used for the rescued pets. All donation funds from the public go towards supplies/food for the animals and vet bills. (advertising costs, website upkeep, and other non-medical/animal related misc. costs are all paid out-of-pocket, by board member donations)
If you would like to mail a donation, checks may be made out to: Black Dog, Second Chance and may be sent to: PO Box 626, East Amherst, NY 14051


Come and meet the dogs at our monthly adoption event and give them a big hug! They'll be wearing a donation vest and you can put your donations in the pocket.



Visit our Wish List here:


Here is a wish list of items that our rescue so desperately needs (both big and small):


* Gift certificates to pet stores, Walmart, Tops (for those times when dogs have upset stomachs and need to have a bland diet of chicken and rice)

* Dog crates (the collapsable/wire type)

* Kitty condo- 2-3 floors, collapsible. So we can bring our foster kitties to adoption events too!

* Dog food (can and dry) (Wellness, Taste of the Wild, Blue, Chicken Soup, Orijen, Canidae, etc)

* Dog toys (new- Kongs, ropes, etc)

* Dog treats

* Dog shampoo

* Advantage for Dogs

* Dog beds

* Grooming supplies

* Dog bowls/dishes (stainless steel)

* New leashes and collars of all sizes (please no dollar store leashes, they break easily)

* Harnesses (Easy Walk)

* Stamps

* Utility trailer (enclosed, to pull behind a truck or jeep)  Thank you, Jerry Borden!!

* A building/office/store front space that we can rent out, or purchase at a reduced/reasonable cost, which will allow us bi-weekly adoption events, storage for our rescue supplies, and a store front to help us raise money for our rescue dogs! We are currently holding a seperate fund/bank account for this goal, so donation towards this is greatly appreciated. A building will increase our adoptions and we can save more dogs.



Donate a dog toy right from the comfort of your computer!
and they'll send your gift right to the door of our rescue dogs.
Their Toys for Pets program has provided thousands of toys to dogs and cats waiting to be adopted. Their Gift Packs are specially priced for charitable gift giving.
There you will donate directly to BDSC right from your computer! All orders must include our shipping address:
P.O. Box 626
East Amherst, NY 14051
and include any gift message you wish to send the rescue dogs. You will pay shipping and handling on the donated packages.
Gift the life of a shelter dog to one of your loved ones. We will gladly provide you with a donation certificate in a loved one's name in your honor, to a rescue dog of your choice. Email us for details at 

PO Box 626 •  East Amherst, NY 14051  •   •  info [ at ]